Intelligent Manufacturing Solution

Mobile internet, cloud computing, big data, IoT, AI, and other AI technologies are advancing faster than ever, and the Manufacturing industry has since been greatly affected. Manufacturing businesses are stepping into the era of big industrial data.
Incorporating our equipment health management system SkyFront and computing platforms SkyAXE and SkyDiscovery, SkyData's comprehensive intelligent manufacturing solutions offer first class data management, storage, analytics products and services that are customized to clients' needs.
Bottlenecks in Manufacturing

Data Management

difficulties in interoperation

data formats not unified

lack of regulations for data

Device Connection

standards not unified

read/write difficulties in device

low controllability

Integration of Information

difficulties in resource integration

informitization and business strategies unmatched

internet, system and data security issues


Unified, safe, reliable, scalable and efficient cloud infrastructure

Unified industrial data and EDI (Enterprise Data Integration) standards, which provides a cornerstone for the information standards of Made in China 2025

Strong support for the development of intelligent data applications

Highly valuable big data derivatives for big data exchange


Using BI to collect useful information from data, while fully utilizing EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse)

Using AI technology to overcome challenges that traditional applications cannot tackle

Providing users with insights into the value of big data, as well as strong support for objective and smart decisions