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The integration of artificial intelligence in nearly every industry has become an inevitable trend that will bring a brand-new future of intelligence. It is SkyData's belief that the best way to create this new future is by building strong, trust-based partnerships with other like-minded businesses and individuals.
As an innovative provider of intelligent computing products and solutions, SkyData is now looking for opportunities to establish long-term partnerships with leading businesses, institutions and organizations. By sharing technologies, experiences and resources, we will benefit from each other's advantages and build the new AI ecosystem together!
We are looking for these 3 types of partners

System Integrator

We provide you with first class data platform, applications tailored for your industry and professional teams to help you expand your business, enhance your competitive advantage and gain more profits.

Independent Software Vendor

We will promote your innovative software products together with our intelligent computing products to offer all-round end-to-end solutions to our customers.


Combining your field of expertise and channel resources, our intelligent computing and solutions can help you explore more business opportunities and create more value for your clients.

Our Partners