Intelligent Healthcare Product Series

SkyHealth is an intelligent healthcare product series developed to help hospitals and healthcare institutions initiate an intelligent healthcare transformation.
Based on intelligent computing platform SkyDiscovery, what SkyHealth can do includes data acquisition, data cleansing, data analytics, connecting hospitals' different information systems, and helping to establish a clinical case database that conforms to international standards. Incorporating expertise of renowned medical research institutions with machine learning/AI models, and targeting a variety of cancers, e.g. lung cancer and cervical cancer, SkyHealth can help doctors interpret pathology images more accurately and greatly reduce misdiagnosis rates.

User Value

●High data interoperability provides full support for healthcare research

SkyHealth healtcare data platform has an open data access interface that can interoperate with hospitals' HIS, LIS, EMR, which increases data collection efficiency, providing sufficient and effective data support for clinical and scientific research education.

●Increases diagnostic efficiency and lowers the cost of diagnosis

Reading pathology results by doctors themselves takes a lot of time and effort. SkyHealth can help reduce doctors' workload and improves diagnostic accuracy.

●Promotes the development of heirarchical medical system

SkyHealth can help local doctors with preliminary diagnosis, which can thus promote hierarchical medical system and optimize diagnostic processes.

Product Demo
Intelligent Pathology Diagnostic Product Applied on Cervical Cancer TCT
Intelligent Medical Imaging Diagnostic Product Applied on Pulmonary Nodules / Lung Cancer
SkyHealth's Architecture