Intelligent Equipment Health Management System

SkyFront is an intelligent equipment management system that is developed to help manufacturing businesses initiate an intelligent transformation.

Based on computing platform SkyDiscovery, SkyFront facilitates dynamic acquisition of the running data from the equipment, integrates the data with the failure, maintenance and other critical information from the enterprise information systems, then uses machine learning algorithms to build prediction models for possible failures. These models can effectively help businesses prevent equipment failures, predict equipment life expectancy, thus improves overall equipment management and increases production and economic efficiency.

User Value

●Reduced maintenance cost and improved operational efficiency

With models built for failure diagnose, equipment health status prediction, parts residual life prediction, SkyFront enables your business to massively lower maintenance cost and improve your operational efficiency.

●Optimized product quality

By collecting real-time and historical data of production lines and products and by building data models, the entire production process of defective products can be retrospected. SkyFront enables you to quickly identify causes, to assess and improve operation and production processes, and then optimize product quality.

●Customized production

According to your business, production data, external environment data and other information, SkyFront will build product models tailored to your needs for various production and operation environments.

SkyFront's Architecture
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