Big Data Intelligent Computing Platform

SkyDiscovery is an intelligent computing platform software that is developed to satisfy businesses' needs for big data analytics, especially in complex scenarios.
SkyDiscovery incorporates SkyData's accelerating technology - Soft Silicon, and provides scalable data processing functions, machine learning algorithms and models, offering an all-round optimization for enterprise analytics applications.

Currently, SkyDiscovery has been applied in various fields like Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Finance. With SkyDiscovery, users can greatly lower the budget for computing hardware. Machine learning models and applications can be built on this platform according to users' needs.

●High performance big data and machine learning platform

Integrating deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow, SkyDiscovery can massively optimize distributed machine learning algorithms and communication mechanisms.

●Uses software to fully explores hardware's capacity

Based on SkyData's core technology Soft Silicon, SkyDiscovery optimizes the CPU, RAM, hierarchical storage and GPU, which can help users fully utilize hardware's capacity, achieving the equivalent effect of hardware upgrades.

Key Features

High performance computing engine

Fully compatible with mainstream distributed data processing frameworks like Spark and Tensorflow

Supports Python, R, Java and Scala

Extensive algorithm libraries for machine learning, graph computing and text search, etc

SkyDiscovery's Architecture