Big Data Intelligent Computing Appliance

SkyAXE (SkyData AI eXtreme Engine) is an intelligent computing appliance designed and implemented to improve businesses' data processing efficiency in complex scenarios that contain big data analytics, the development and operation of AI applications, and trainings of machine learning models. Incorporating mainstream AI hardware, intelligent computing platform SkyDiscovery and our core technology Soft Silicon, SkyAXE serves to optimize software systems comprehensively, fusing storage, computing, internet and applications together. SkyAXE can be applied in a multi-machine and multi-GPU, large-scale distributed deep learning environment.

User Value

With innovative AI technology, SkyAXE can bring significant value to different users, including businesses, government bodies, scientific research institutes, universities, public sector organizations, etc.

●Greatly improves data processing and analytics efficiency, and enhances operation/research effectiveness

Using software to fully utilize hardware capacity, SkyAXE can create the same equivalent effect of hardware upgrades and accelerate computing by orders of magnitude, thus greatly enhances operation or research effectiveness.

●Explores the value of data fast and precisely

SkyAXE's open and converged storage system provides a steady and efficient data carrier, while supporting with excellent computing capacity, which enables you to gain meaningful information from the data that can support your decision.

●Accurate predictive analysis using AI technology

Using AI technology to analyze large-scale data, SkyAXE can help you predict and analyze more accurately and gain the most insight into the forefront of your field.

Key Features

Supports 100+ machine learning libraries

Incorporating intelligent computing platform SkyDiscovery, SkyAXE can support 100+ machine learning libraries. Most machine learning algorithms can run on this platform.

Modular design

Supports Layered-architecture, highly customized and flexible configuration for application, computing, and storage nodes.

Integrates deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow

Integrating the most popular deep learning frameworks, SkyAXE enables applications developed on these frameworks to run on it.

Unified operation and maintenance management

Complete system alarm mechanism, resource monitoring & management, user & task management, etc.

Excellent computing capacity

Incorporates SkyData’s core technology-Soft Silicon, and deeply optimizes:

1.Spark machine learning library - accelerates distributed tasks on computing nodes.

2.Alluxio – fully utilizes Alluxio’s shared memory feature.

3.RDMA – tackles servers’ data processing delay issues in network transmission.

Highly reliable and safe

Complete redundant hardware protection and fault domain isolation enable users to isolate data, computing, application and resources, while supporting granular access control (like files, index, etc.) with high safety.

One-click deployment, fast and automatic

Fast and automated deployment offers great convenience to users. Users can execute one-stop management of tasks, files, resources, and system monitoring, and deploy applications by themselves according to specific needs.

SkyAXE's Architecture